Openreach launches consultation on migration to full fibre networks

A new consultation from Openreach will seek opinion on how best to manage the move to full fibre networks.

UK 'among fastest-growing nations in Europe' for FTTH

New figures have claimed the UK is on track to be one of the best-equipped nations in Europe for FTTH by 2025.

Broadband Forum confirms certification of new technology

A new standard for broadband technology has been approved by the Broadband Forum, promising faster speeds and a longer range.

Why fibre and 5G will be at the heart of the next smart cities

Smart cities are set for huge growth in the coming years, but will rely on 5G and full fibre to be effective.

Wi-Fi 6 - how could it transform the wireless market?

What will the new Wi-Fi 6 standard offer to the networking industry this year?

UK workplaces 'frequently experiencing loss of connectivity'

Connectivity issues are a common problem in many workplaces, with a new survey claiming one in eight businesses experience problems every day.

The full fibre rollout in the UK - will new providers help boost competition?

What are the prospects for the full fibre rollout in the UK beyond Openreach?

'Don't overlook Wi-Fi amid 5G hype', businesses warned

The CEO of Cisco has reminded businesses and network operators not to overlook Wi-Fi as they focus on 5G.

Pilot scheme brings gigabit broadband to rural schools

More than 100 schools in rural England are to benefit from a new pilot scheme that will see them used as ultrafast broadband hubs.

Openreach to undertake 'world's first' trial of new fibre cabling technique

Openreach is trialling a new type of fibre cabling that will allow for faster deployment in dense environments.