Network resilience: Is your infrastructure able to cope with emergencies?

Infrastructure networks that can withstand emergencies and support responders are essential for any building. What should you keep in mind to achieve this?

Will private 5G be the future of wireless networking?

Private 5G is tipped to be a key wireless connectivity option for enterprises in the coming years. What could it offer?

Average UK broadband speed 'up by a fifth', Ofcom finds

Average download speeds in the UK have improved by almost a fifth in the last year, as more people take advantage of superfast and ultrafast connections.

Pace of FTTP rollout set to increase, Openreach boss says

Openreach has committed to increasing the number of premises connected to full fibre connectivity from three million by March 2021 to four million.

Thousands of new homes 'still missing out' on full fibre broadband, Openreach warns

Openreach has urged Scottish property developers to take advantage of the support it can offer in bringing full fibre connectivity to new-build homes.

NHS set to receive full fibre connectivity

The health secretary has promised to bring full fibre network connectivity to all parts of the NHS in order to improve services.

Fibre broadband 'brings £2.76bn of benefits' to Scotland

A new report has revealed the Scottish government's superfast broadband scheme is set to deliver nearly £3 billion in economic benefits over the next 15 years.

House of Lords sets out steps for improving rural connectivity

A House of Lords committee has set out a series of steps for boosting digital connectivity in rural areas.

New research points to future of ultrafast Wi-Fi

Scientists have demonstrated new technology that could eventually lead to much faster Wi-Fi transmissions.

Openreach 'triples pace' of new-build FTTP rollouts

Openreach is now connecting around 20,000 new-build homes to its full fibre network every week, a director at the firm has revealed.